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Site Photography Workshop

Photography is an important part of architecture, not only does it help document our process it also helps build an architect’s portfolio over time. Architectural photography is a skill important to document the process and different stages of a project. The ability to capture every aspect of the project accurately is affected by the site set up, the frame of the photograph and the availability and positioning of the lighting. To help our team of engineers improve their photography skills we organised a mobile photography workshop on one of our site.

Some of the key takeaways from the workshop as described by our team are as follows:

  • make sure your camera screen is clear.

  • take pictures in high resolution.

  • use the auto lighting feature to maintain brightness.

  • choose specific angles where object is focused and well lit.

  • select the frame to only the element you are focusing on and avoiding non essential parts.

  • decide which form of media is most suitable to capture what you want to communicate. For example, if you have big area to cover then capture a video instead of a photograph.

  • transfer data in high resolution.

During the workshop the engineers were also asked to put these to use and take a few photos and videos on site. Overall this workshop was very fruitful and we look forward to see them use their learning in future site documentations.

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