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Tejani Residence

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

A modern classical home with a Romanesque vibe.

Completion Year - 2021

Area - 10,000 sq.ft.

Project Location - Surat, Gujarat

Program - Residential Interior

The 10,000 square feet home is an amalgamation of classical and modern sensibilities that compliment one another to create a space of subtle luxury. The interiors reflect a Romanesque vibe, taking cues from the salient nature of European architecture to create a space.

While designing the 5-bedroom home, we focused on creating a language that would tie the whole project together while leaving space for customization for individual bedrooms.

All the rooms are adorned with delicate mouldings and intricate details and the ceilings are lined with profile lights creating a warm soothing tone in the house.

The wall paneling used in the common area is designed using ICA satin waterbased finish in matt over brown Veneer.

The white color palate is interspersed elegantly using veneer and colourful fabric. The windows and deck are lined with clean white arches going with the theme of the house.

We have used the combination of stone, veneer and white polish in a artful way and accomplished a dream home for the clients. With the delicate use of moulding, intricate details and quality materials, every room holds a different character. Every artefact, painting and hardware is handpicked to enhance the aura of the entire house.

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